Our Mission

The Women in STEM Knowledge Center (WSKC) powered by WEPAN supports efforts to increase the number and prominence of diverse communities of women in STEM by providing an online community of practice with both resources and collaborative workspaces.

What is the Women in STEM Knowledge Center?

The Women in STEM Knowledge Center offers these services to help women in STEM advocates learn, share, and collaborate:

  • A knowledge repository with annotations of over 2,000 resources relevant to women in STEM that have been selected, described and organized for you.

  • An online professional community that encourages and supports knowledge exchange and collaboration for researchers and practitioners working to increase participation of women in STEM.

  • A quarterly newsletter, WSKC Connections, which includes views from today's STEM thought leaders;

  • Topical webinars from nationally renown researchers and practitioners;

  • Project showcases to help you stay up-to-date with project findings.


All free of charge and accessible to everyone.

About the Women in STEM Knowledge Center

Our Vision

Root causes for women's underrepresentation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields cross disciplines, whether in engineering, physics, computer science, or mathematics. Creating a space to share resources and encourage connections among women in STEM advocates is an effective way to increase visibility and broaden the conversation about advancing women across STEM disciplines. By shining a light on this conversation, we invite and encourage individuals and organizations to become catalysts for change along with us.

Our History

The Women in STEM Knowledge Center (SKC) began as the WEPAN Knowledge Center (WKC), developed as a project funded by the National Science Foundation in 2007. The site was officially launched in 2009, and has grown to include thousands of visitors across the United States and around the world.  Read more >>

Our People

Behind every project or endeavor, including those that are largely technology driven, are people—people who see the need, people who craft the mission, people whose passion and perseverance make the vision a reality. Meet the people behind the Women in STEM Knowledge Center.  Read more >>


WEPAN and the Women in STEM Knowledge Center powered by WEPAN exist separately, each with its own mission and scope, yet the two are intimately entwined with an overarching goal to increase the number and prominence of diverse groups of women in engineering and other STEM fields. Read more >>

Our Sponsors

The Women in STEM Knowledge Center relies on its community for funding, contribution of resources, sharing knowledge through presenting webinars, participating in ongoing dialogue on women in STEM, and spreading the word to others about this site. Please contact us to see how you can contribute to our mission. Read more >>