Looking for WSKC community groups?

All groups are accessed through your personal profile.

  • Sign-in, then
  • Click on Profile in the navigation bar. This will take you to your personal profile page.  
  • Use My WSKC Sites on your profile page to create a new group, join an existing group or access your favorite group.

Looking for your WKC interest groups?

About WSKC Collaboration Sites

What are WSKC Collaboration Sites?

WSKC collaboration sites are interest groups created and managed by WSKC users. 

People typically create sites to collaborate on team efforts such as committees, conferences and grant proposals. Each site has its own web page in which members can join discussions, share files, manage a group calendar, and post announcements and resources for other members.

A key benefit of collaboration sites is that discussion threads capture conversations so that you always know where to look to see the record of a conversation within your group.  You can also follow and participate in discussions using your email.

Each site has a document library in which members can share and manage files with other members.  

If your site is private or restricted, your conversations and files are private - only group members can see them.