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Susan Metz photoSusan Metz, Principal Investigator of ENGAGE

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ESE: IM Extension Services in Engineering: Improving Instruction and Mentoring to Retain Undergraduate Women; Supported by NSF HRD #0833076; PIS: Susan Metz, Diane Matt, Pat Campbell
The overarching goal of ENGAGE is to increase the capacity of engineering schools to retain undergraduate students by facilitating the implementation of three research-based strategies to improve student day-to-day classroom and educational experience. ENGAGE is working with faculty and administrators from over 70 engineering schools to implement ENGAGE strategies including:
1. Use Everyday Examples in Engineering (E3s) to teach STEM concepts
2. Improve students' Spatial Visualization Skills (SVS)
3. Increase effective Faculty-Student Interaction (FSI)
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What's New?


If you are planning to attend the 2014 ASEE Conference, please join us for this panel sponsored by First-Year Programs Division.
Wed. June 18, 2014 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM    Indiana Convention Center, Room 203
Over the past several years, engineering schools participating in NSF funded ENGAGE ( have tried a variety of strategies to work with students with low spatial visualization data.  
Drawing on data from 24 institutions and more than 1000 students, Susan Metz, Sheryl Sorby, Pat Campbell, Nate Delson and Jane Langeman will discuss:
- Impact and efficacy of different strategies to improve student spatial skills
- Lessons learned from the field
- Access to a toolkit to ease delivery of the PSVT:R via learning management systems
- Future development of Developing Spatial Thinking training curriculum
-iPad App that is being tested which enables touch interface technology for spatial skills training
See you in Indy!