About Connected Advocates

Projects and Programs can leverage the WSKC to showcase their project and findings to the gender equity in STEM community.

Projects and Programs

  • ADVANCE Implementation Mentors Network (AIM)

    The AIM network currently consists of more than 80 Program Coordinators/Directors (PC/D's) from over 50 NSF ADVANCE funded programs throughout the United States.  Through the AIM network, PC/D's interact with other coordinators and directors via monthly teleconference meetings and through an email contact list which affords on-demand response and support. 
    Contact: Gretal Leibnitz
  • Advancing Culture in Engineering (ACE)

  • The Women in Engineering ProActive Network (WEPAN) is launching the Advancing Culture in Engineering (ACE) Initiative multi-year initiative to advance inclusive cultures in engineering. Diversity in engineering colleges and in career settings is an essential contributor to innovation and business performance.
    Contact: C. Diane Matt
  • ENGAGE in Engineering

    The overarching goal of ENGAGE is to increase the capacity of engineering schools to retain undergraduate students by facilitating the implementation of three research-based strategies to improve student day-to-day classroom and educational experience. ENGAGE is working with faculty and administrators from over 70 engineering schools to implement ENGAGE strategies.
  • Engineering Inclusive Teaching (EIT)

    Engineering Inclusive Teaching (EIT) invites interested Engineering faculty to participate in a professional development opportunity to learn strategies for creating engaging and motivating engineering educational environments that especially encourage the persistence—and success of—women and other underrepresented students, with benefits for all students.
    Contact: Gretal Leibnitz
  • gseSpace Gender in STEM

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) Research on Gender in Science and Engineering (GSE) program funded WEPAN (Women in Engineering ProActive Network) to explore the potential of a targeted, online professional community for GSE stakeholders.
    Contact: Diane Matt
  • Transforming Engineering Culture to Advance Inclusion and Diversity

  • TECAID is a project funded by NSF that supports ME Departments in the U.S. to build more inclusive environments for students, faculty, and staff. TECAID is a valuable opportunity to engage with experts on academic change leadership and diversity/inclusion. TECAID will support your efforts to attract and retain women and under-represented minority (URM) students and faculty in your ME program and department.
  • Tracking Trends in Gender & STEM Publications (TTGSP)

    There is now a sizable body of knowledge about factors related to women's recruitment and success in STEM fields. This project sought to contribute to the infrastructure or knowledge capital in the field by providing access to a set of visualizations that synthesize trends in this body of literature over time. These create the opportunity to promote scholarship and enhance practice in under-studied areas.
    Contact: Elizabeth Creamer