Ways to follow or get involved with WEPAN


WEPAN holds an annual conference that brings industry and academia together to further the conversation about transforming culture in education. 

Our 2014 Change Leader Forum: Engineering a Culture that Drives Innovation will be held June 9-11 in Minneapolis, MN.  Check out our conference at wepan.org.

For last year's proceedings, view our conference proceedings from the June, 2013 conference in Atlanta, GA.


Diane MattDiane Matt, Executive Director of WEPAN

"WEPAN members are heavy users of the WSKC to support collaborative projects with teams of  colleagues across the country. We also use the WSKC to provide resources such as the ASEE Data Mining Tool to our members in a secure manner."


WEPAN is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1990 to be a catalyst for change to enhance the success of women in the engineering professions.  It also is responsible for managing the Women in STEM Knowledge Center, formerly known as the WEPAN Knowledge Center.

You don't have to be a WEPAN member to use the WSKC.  WEPAN's website, wepan.org, is separate and distinct from the wskc.org website.  But, WEPAN has created a private collaboration space in the WSKC for its members.  From this group, WEPAN members can access special resources including:

  • Engaging America's Intellectual Talent: The Status of Women and Minorities in Engineering:  Powerpoint presentation (> 80 slides) for WEPAN members (aka WEPAN slide portfolio) developed to generate support for an informed dialogue about diversity in engineering. Slides can be included in your presentations, research, funding requests, and program reports.
  • And, ASEE's Data Mining Tool to access statistics ASEE collects on engineering enrollments, degrees and faculty by discipline and school.

We encourage you to join WEPAN and start leveraging these tools and other WEPAN member benefits.

Accessing WEPAN Member Resources

If you are already a WEPAN member, login to the WSKC to access WEPAN member resources.

Logging in

  • If you have a login to the WSKC, use 'forgot password' on any web page (upper right) to set a new WSKC password.  
  • If you do not have a login to the WSKC, register for the site with your email.

Joining the WEPAN Members group

  • After logging in, you will see a Profile option in the navigation bar.  Select Profile to join/access the "WEPAN Members" group.
  • If you do not see the "WEPAN Members" group in the list of 'My WSKC groups', use the "Available Sites" link to locate the group and request membership.

Access WEPAN Member Resources in the group

  • Select the "WEPAN members" group in your list of groups from your profile. Access the ASEE Data Mining Tool from a tab on that page.

What's New?

Don't miss the 2014 Change Leader Forum

The 25th Annual WEPAN Change Leader Forum (formally known as the WEPAN annual conference) is just over a month away. This year introduces a new format to help attendees foster connections and cement new ideas through increased interactions and networking. The Forum kicks off on Monday, June 9th in Minneapolis with workshops in the morning. Don't miss the Forum Opening Keynote Address by Scott Page at 4:30. "Getting to hear Scott Page is a huge opportunity for WEPAN Members," says Liz Litzler of the WEPAN Conference Committee, "Members should plan to be there!"


This year's conference will be organized around the Framework for Promoting Gender Equity in Organizations. This framework includes the following four ways that organizations can promote gender equity; preparing women, creating equal opportunities, valuing differences, and re-envisioning work culture. "To get the most out of the new format, attendees should think about what type of work they are doing now and where that lies within the framework. At the conference, attend sessions that focus on the other frames, to help you move towards other types of changes to improve gender equity," said Litzler. Other changes to the conference include the Hi-Fives for Change talks, which are sets of quick five-minute presentations with a networking session immediately following.


WEPAN committees will also be given time to meet. If you are interested in joining a committee, "think about the types of professional development you are looking for, and find a committee that will help foster that development," said Litzler. At the Showcase Reception on Tuesday night, committee members will be available to discuss what types of professional development committee participation can offer to members.


The 25th Annual WEPAN Change Leader Forum promises to be an engaging three days filled with new ideas, networking, and inspiration.