Who can create collaboration sites?

Anyone with an WSKC login can create a collaboration site.

To create a site after logging into the WSKC, go your your profile tab (in the navigation bar) and use the ADD GROUP button  to create your group.  Pick the appropriate security and membership level for your group.

PUBLIC - anyone can join the group to participate in the group.  All discussions and files in public groups are visible to any other logged in WSKC user, regardless of membership in the public group.

RESTRICTED - as a group owner you will need to approve membership requests from WSKC users.  You will get an email for each membership request. Discussions and files in restricted groups are only visible to members of the group.

PRIVATE - to add people to your group, you will have an 'invite' option on your group page that will allow you to look people up in the WSKC directory and add them to your group.  The invited group member will get an email to let them know they are a member of yur group. Discussions  and files in private groups are only visible to members of the group.