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The WSKC offers a knowledge repository of over 2,000 resource annotations and collaboration space to encourage and support knowledge exchange between Women in STEM advocates. The WEPAN Knowledge Center (WKC) is now the new and improved Women in STEM Knowledge Center powered by WEPAN (WSKC). Welcome! Become a registered WSKC user now- it’s free and easy! Registered users can create collaboration spaces and automatically receive news and webinar announcements. Who is this site for? Everyone interested in diverse communities of women in STEM, whether you are a professional practitioner in STEM, academic faculty or administration, a student, parent, or other advocate of women in STEM. Wishing you had time to learn and apply research-based, inclusive teaching practices? WEPAN makes it easy with the Engineering Inclusive Teaching: Faculty Professional Development webinar series. Don't miss WSKC Connections, our quarterly newsletter, with views from today's STEM thought leaders. Subscribe today!

What's New?


The NSF-funded Engineering Inclusive Teaching project has completed its grant.  A summary of the project and links to the webinar series can be found here

The NSF-funded TECAID project has a new website!  Check it out to learn about project outcomes and to access project resources.

Connected Advocates

The WSKC partners with project teams and organizations to increase the visibility of their important work to advance women in STEM.

Explore the WSKC Connected Advocates below to learn about their communities and work:

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Join us in our mission to help increase the number and prominence of diverse communities of women in STEM. Whether you want to share your research and experiences with others, learn from the research and experiences of others, or build your professional network, the Women in STEM Knowledge Center is here as a resource and communication platform for you.