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We seek to showcase and celebrate the work of educators who have applied information shared in various EIT webinars.We invite you to apply for our Inclusive Educator Excellence award!

Inclusive Educator Excellence Award: Application Deadline May 1, 2015


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EIT in the WSKC

Gretal Leibnitz, Co-PI/Project Director, EIT Project

"As a small NSF-funded project, EIT is leveraging the WSKC to help us reach a broad audience of engineering faculty interested in crafting inclusive learning environments."

About EIT

The Engineering Inclusive Teaching (EIT) project, led by WEPAN and funded by the National Science Foundation (HRD GSE #1203164), is a unique faculty professional development program that helps educators craft inclusive engineering learning environments.

Engage with convenient live and recorded EIT webinars and action check-lists that:

  • Distill best-practice research findings from social scientists.
  • Share practical advice from master engineering educators.
  • Access time-effective resources tailored to engineering faculty.
EIT distills research-based best practices for creating inclusive learning environments and translates findings into specific actions for busy engineering educators. Faculty and students alike will reap the benefits of a well-crafted inclusive learning environment.

Get started today in the following ways:
  • Sign-up to receive EIT information and timely updates on upcoming webinars and action checklists.
  • Engage in "how to" webinars showcasing the work of social science researchers and engineering master teachers. We foresee a series of 10 – 12 webinars, with complementary support resources.
  • Incorporate suggestions from the action checklists into daily teaching practices.

Engineering Inclusive Teaching (EIT) Webinar Series:



Active Learning: 'Live' and Online

April 9, 2015 12-1 EDT


Counteracting Stereotype Threat: Research-based Tools & Tactics




The Power of Personal Vision: Linking Undergraduate Engineering Education and Professional Persistence


Thriving vs. Surviving: A Four-Frame Model for Creating Inclusive Learning Environments



EIT Engineering Self-Efficacy: What is is, Why it Matters, and How to Encourage it in Engineering Learning Environments




Book Cover How Learning Works






EIT: How Learning Works: 7 Research - Based Principles for Smart Teaching by Dr. Susan Ambrose.






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Please pass along this brochure to those who you think would be interested in participating! The program is FREE and promises to provide numerous practical tips and applications for creating and enhancing an inclusive Engineering learning environment.

Have questions? We welcome any inquiries. Please feel free to Gretal Leibnitz at Leibnitz@wepan.org