WSKC Mission

The Women in STEM Knowledge Center (WSKC) powered by WEPAN supports efforts to increase the number and prominence of diverse communities of women in STEM by providing an online community of practice with both resources and collaborative workspaces.

Our People


Behind every project or endeavor, including those that are largely technology driven, are people—people who see the need, people who craft the mission, people whose passion and perseverance make the vision a reality. Meet the people behind the Women in STEM Knowledge Center.


WEPAN (Women in Engineering ProActive Network) manages and oversees funding and operations of the WSKC. Executive Director Diane Matt is the engine behind the machine; securing funding sources, providing strategic direction, and proudly spreading the WSKC story throughout the STEM community. WEPAN's Board, headed by President Karen Zunkel (2013-2014), is highly involved in WEPAN and WSKC goals and activities. WEPAN staff support day to day WSKC operations and long-term planning.
  Diane Matt Paige Smith


Women in STEM Knowledge Center Committee: A dedicated committee of volunteers, co-chaired by Ceal Craig and Cecilia Elmore (2013-2014), is responsible for implementation of activities supporting WSKC goals and development. Major efforts of the Committee include development of the quarterly newsletter WSKC Connections, reviewing and auditing resources, promoting the WSKC, and representing the WSKC at the annual WEPAN conference.  
    Cecilia Elmore Ceal Craig


Contributors: Numerous individuals and organizations share in building, using, and promoting the WSKC. Researchers disseminate their work to a broader community, practitioners present webinars, NSF-funded project members collaborate, and organizations share their resources.

Users: Thousands of WSKC visitors locate resources, plan conferences, collaborate on projects, identify thought leaders, and learn about putting research into practice through the WSKC. The vast majority of resources on the WSKC are free and available to the general public, as is access to the professional community and work groups.