WSKC Mission

The Women in STEM Knowledge Center (WSKC) powered by WEPAN supports efforts to increase the number and prominence of diverse communities of women in STEM by providing an online community of practice with both resources and collaborative workspaces.



WEPAN and the Women in STEM Knowledge Center powered by WEPAN (WSKC) exist separately, each with its own mission and scope, yet the two are intimately entwined with an overarching goal to increase the number and prominence of diverse groups of women in engineering and other STEM fields.

The WSKC supports WEPAN's strategic goals and objectives, particularly those of providing a "knowledge source" and "collaboration."

From its inception through today, and into the future, WEPAN is proud to sponsor the Women in STEM Knowledge Center community. WEPAN's support, vision, and management make the WSKC's operation possible to benefit both WEPAN members, and a much broader STEM audience.

The WSKC is currently co-managed by WEPAN staff, a volunteer WSKC Committee comprised of WEPAN members, and the WEPAN Board. The core strength of the WSKC is its ability to provide resources to a larger community of researchers, advocates, and partners about women in STEM initiatives while leveraging the benefits of WEPAN.